Monday, March 06, 2006

Aeon Flux

It isn't a version of the cartoon - Aeon Flux the movie doesn't capture its unique mood or sense of movement at all.

There is lots of great colour and nifty details, and one interesting idea that leads to a heartfelt moment. But the storytelling is lacking - quite often the script leaves the audience adrift as to exactly what they're supposed to be caring about.

I've listened to the director, Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) at a panel. Extremely intelligent, very capable. I think she did as well with this Hollywood version of Aeon Flux and I can't wait for her next project.

Cool sidenote: Stuart Dryburgh, the Kiwi who shot In My Father's Den, was the DOP.

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Conan said...

Wow. I couldn't disagree more. I thought that the movie caught a lot of what made the series so good. It had the right mix of bizarre surrealism and symbolism. I do think that some of the performances were a bit weak - Charlize Theron was excellent, but she made Aeon a little too real. :D

Overall, I was impressed. It's not an award winner, but a good effort. The story was a bit rambly - but mostly acceptable. :)