Sunday, April 02, 2006

Normal service should resume

Hey gang,

I've been busy at work and settling in to the new flat. This weekend's the first time I've really started to feel back on top of things - hence the post.

So, there should be some upcoming stuff about script writing soon, but in the meantime things are good. Talked to the head of development at the Film Commission, sent in a submission for a sitcome to TVNZ and I'm about to start back up on the Limit. In fact, I already have - the groundwork of finishing up getting feedback is being laid.

So I'll try and ease myself back into the blogging with a couple of posts a week.

In other news

Lord of War - 50% a good film about arms dealing, 50% a slightly obvious character drama.
Me, You and Everyone we know - a way quirky, almost uncomfortable love story that ends just before the first date. Loved it.

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Anonymous said...

23 days and counting. maybe you should re-title to something like "Not so normal service should resume!"