Thursday, April 26, 2007

Script - What finishing feels like

I think it's worth noting that when I finished making changes to The Limit last night, the sense of quiet satisfaction I felt seemed exactly the same as what I feel when I finish any project - of whatever magnitude. To be specific, finishing the script after seven years gave me the same amount of satisfaction as working on a 48-hour film, writing a role-playing game, or locking down a well-constructed sketch.

I wasn't expecting a flood of adrenalin or a massive epiphany; it's just that what I did feel surprised me.

Unbundling this further:

  • the script isn't yet finished finished as there's still proofing to go
  • I found the writing process itself to be rewarding - challenging, sure, but satisfying and worthwhile
  • from working on hopeless, I'm aware that there are many moments that you celebrate during the life of a script (including realising you're filming a scene that matches up to your imagination; seeing a cut of the film that finally works; and the Premiere)
  • there are also future rewards, specific to this script.

Those possible future rewards include stuff like:

  • reading the script with fresh eyes in, say, a year & enjoying it
  • selling the script
  • getting positive feedback from people I respect
  • having a script that I think is special enough that it could generate royalties for me
  • having a sample script that could open doors to new jobs for me.

The point is that there wasn't some big Hollywood rush of triumph. It was a quiet moment. If anything, I would call it contentment.
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