Friday, March 21, 2008

[Script] Holidays might be a good thing

Think I'm going to try scheduling these breaks a bit more formally, actually. I reckon something like 2 months of writing at operational intensity, followed by ... two? three? weeks off might be the way to go.

And at the moment, that time off isn't really a break; it's more an opportunity to play around with several ideas (especially a couple of games) that I've been neglecting. Emphasis on the 'play'. It's fun, and kinda productive.

(And scheduling '3 days off' in the middle of those two months of writing could be smart, too.)

... I'm beginning to realise that between the much-more full-time job this year, the full-on writing, and the intense gaming, that there's a pretty reasonable explanation for things being quiet on the blogging front.
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