Thursday, January 06, 2011

TV: Supernatural (as an anime)

New Supernatural Anime trailer rolls out the old Impala:

I can't believe how I've gone from disliking the idea of anime to being stoked that Supernatural has been turned into one. (I think Fruits Basket was my gateway drug.) Anyway, the monster of the week styles of Supernatural and anime seem like a great fit. Here's the trailer:


Mashugenah said...

I can't believe how wooden Jensen and Jared look in their promo speech!

Does *look* pretty cool - but if it's just the same stories animated, what's the point?

Matt said...

Remaking the series for a Japanese audience who want to see the show in Japanese without having to put up with dubbing?

And maybe with more explicit violence :-)

Luke said...

Do we know that its just the same stories? If so the presentation does look quite different. Interesting to see what the impact of that will be.