Friday, September 24, 2010

The Have Done List: April to September

Here's some of what I've been up to for the last 6 months:
  • borrowed CDs from the library for the first time in 20 years
  • listened to MIA
  • gave feedback on Blowback - a new game about spies by Elizabeth Shoemaker
  • discovered a new author (Tim Powers) and read two of his books.
  • rented Rec 2, one hella-crazy zombie film
  • sent Bad Family off for peer review
  • finished a series of posts about the New Thing
  • got slightly sick
  • rescued a yellow-feathered sparrow from a cat, nursed it back to health and watched it fly away
  • won speed dating
  • went to roller derby
  • got stressed at work
  • managed a complicated cross-government data-entry project with slight political ramifications
  • starting writing a project I care about
  • managed a creative disagreement
  • met a great woman
  • Gave feedback on Jenni's novel
  • pitched Workplace Bully to Sean
  • lead a series of team meetings based on what I've learned from Made to Stick
  • gained confidence
  • started re-learning to cook (one of my 12 goals in 2 years)
  • wrote a pitch for Workplace Bully and got great feedback on it
  • had a heart-to-heart with a co-wo
  • moved into a new flat (and it is great)
  • ate a pistachio and chocolate twirl from Simply Paris
  • cooked tofu for the first time
  • went on a weekend away
  • started working on a new feature film storyline
  • figured out how to play Apocalypse World
Things are good. Blogging will sort-of resume while I get my life back into balance after shifting flats.
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