Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music: March

I fell in love with Spoon's Mystery Zone a little bit - bouncy, catchy. Here's a live version:

I'm becoming a fan of LCD Soundsystem. Time to get away is a nice taste of nerd funk:

Oh yeah. I road-tripped up to Auckland to watch The Pixies peform Doolittle and a cross-albums encore. Frank Black is oddly disconnected from the audience, Kim Deal rocks. Gigantic was great, but from listening to the Pixies in the car on the way up, this song stands out:

Finally became curious enough to check out a few Lady Gaga videos. My conclusions:
- Bad Romance is a good song
- the costume design in the videos is so aggressively NOW that it feels dated already. But it's way more interesting than either Paris Hilton or Taylor Swift, so I cannot wait for the Gaga imitators to arrive
- I'm fascinated by the financials of the Lady Gaga business; who earns the money?
- She seems like she's a strong contender for being a pop star with some longevity
- She can't dance, as evidenced by Telephone (youtube it if you want; it's 10 minutes long)

However, watching Telephone reminded me to check out Beyonce's Single Ladies - in the interests of triggering Helen's ear-worm again, here's the vid:

And, fuck it, here's Gigantic. Go the Pixies!

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Shocker said...

'Single Ladies' is such an aggressively offensive song. If that song had a face, I would punch it.