Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Have Done List: September to October

Here's some stuff I've done in the last month and a half that I think's notable:
  • defriended a couple of people on Facebook (if you're reading this, you're unlikely to be one of them)
  • gave feedback on Jenni's novel
  • asked Matt if he would digitise episodes of lovebites for me (which he very kindly did)
  • decluttered, massively

  • got an exciting comment about people who are interested in playtesting Left Coast

  • got good feedback from Jenni about my feedback on her novel
  • bought a desk and assembled it myself

  • broke a desk
  • went on holiday
  • stayed reasonably dry in the middle of a three day storm
  • re-learned how to build a fire

  • introduced Jennifer to story games

  • cleared all of my emails (believe me, this is a big thing!)
  • fixed a desk
  • broke a filing cabinet
  • threw a temper tantrum (which fixed the filing cabinet)
  • set up an filing system at work 
  • deposited 20 boxes of emails and script notes from the lovebites TV series at the Film Archive (closure, baby! Yeah!)
  • learned how to give effective feedback in a personal/non-literary context (Describe when it occured; Describe exactly and objectively what happened; Explain the impact it had on you).
  • Decided to write a scholarship application in 24 hours
  • Had a lot of fun with Jennifer on Halloween weekend, including becoming a raving fan of the pies at Sweet Mother's Kitchen
  • Inspired mcdaldno to write more of his game: Monsterhearts.
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