Monday, November 28, 2011

Is Breaking Bad about putting more and more pressure on ordinary people?

Because if that's it's thing - having to make decisions under lots of pressure, and those decisions leading to terrible consequences and even more terrible decisions that need to be made - then I can see how (a) it becomes a great but tough watch, like Mike said, and (b) how, after a few seasons, it might be difficult to find a plausible, satisfying way to wrap up the show. However, it's great to see the writers keep re-focusing the responsibility back onto Walt, any time it looks like he's going to run away from making a choice.

And the show has won a lot of credit from me by making Walt's wife (Skylar) a character who  takes smart, completely-believable actions. It gives me confidence that eventually the whole cast are going to be well-motivated and interesting.


Xanomon said...

One of my favourite things about Breaking Bad is that it has never killed my suspension of disbelief,despite getting more extreme with each season.

dfmamea said...

glad you're enjoying it, Steve.

the show is particularly good at showing forced decision-making without ever making it look contrived. (compare and contrast with This is Not My Life at your peril.)

Mashugenah said...

Whenever I read a comment like this about a show well away from the current schedule, I think about XKCD and computer games.

Steve Hickey said...

Do you have a particular strip in mind, Mash? Or is it more about there being too many options for entertainment to consume, so we're all a little out of sync with each other?