Sunday, June 16, 2013

This week, I've been learning Adobe Premiere and After Effects

I recut the Jenni's Angels 48 Hour film from 2010: 'Ultimate Monster Fighter: Showdown' (UMF:S). It was a small project to ease back into editing and teach myself the basics of Adobe Premiere.

'The Hunt' is the result:

As I looked over the raw footage of UMF:S, I felt that I really wanted to concentrate on the story of the fight between Jon and Kerina. Figuring out the beats of that story and how to play it tighter and more seriously than UMF:S took a while.

It became clear that it'd be cool to insert a special effect into one of the sequences of the fight. Until this week, I'd never created a special effect but I've watched Norman and Andrew use After Effects to do some great stuff, so I decided to boot it up and teach myself how to use it (google proved helpful).

The weak spot is definitely my sound mixing skills. I haven't figured how to balance all of the elements yet, and that's crucial to any film playing properly.

I'm looking forward to doing more of this.

Here's the original 'Ultimate Monster Fighter: Showdown':

... which is, itself, a sequel to 'Monster Hunter IV: Beyond Repair':

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Matt said...

Nice work! A very different feel indeed.

The dialogue is only in the left channel (and therefore quiet compared to the music). Drop a 'fill left' audio effect in Premiere Pro on any clips where sound was recorded with a mic to copy it across into both channels (fill both channels with what's in the left side).

Also, the crossing the line on Jon's shots in the end of the fight is more noticeable in this cut?