Friday, November 19, 2004

[RPG] I'm not an Animal!... wait - I am!

Of course the subtext of The Farm is to place us in the position of the animals many of us consume every day. In this respect, it shares a philosophical outlook with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original and remake).

After re-reading the rules, I see 3 obvious types of stories (or at least, sub-plots): a) Personal relationships with members of other groups (including forbidden sexual liasons); b) relationships with the administrators of the Farm; and c) escape attempts.

There’s also the personal question of whether you will cave in to authority or defy it. The most direct way of making that choice meaningful? ... Enforce swift and severe punishments for transgressing the strict boundaries of ‘normal’ behaviour at the Farm. In actual play, I suspect a dominant factor would be an intense method-actor approach to your own psychological well-being and deteriorating state of mind.

There’s some interesting mechanical aspects to the rules that I’ll go into soon. As well as that, I’ll have to review the other game that I’ve played from designer Jared Sorenson: the cult favourite, InSpectres.

But before that review, there’ll be comments on 3 ‘must-read’ role-playing games for TV series designers - and anyone interested in creative collaborations: Prime Time Adventures, Universalis and Sorceror.

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