Saturday, December 11, 2004

[Film] The Limit - finished prepping for Outline E

Yesterday was a smooth ride through to the end of Act 3 - I was crying at some points, which I hope is a sign the climax'll hit people as hard as I hope.

My method is go through the previous outline scene by scene, brainstorming, critiquing - basically overhauling whatever needs it without committing to anything. Then I transcribe those notes (in a very loose order) into the PC. The draft after that is the keeper. Going through, I lock things down, get the language right ... making sure the emotional flow of the script feels 'right'.

Trust me, it's a lot easier than launching into a script waaaay too soon then rewriting dialogue 20 or 30 times without addressing fundamental problems in the story.*

So, I've been relaxing, on holiday from yesterday afternoon through today. Start the new outline tomorrow, 9am.

* Experience speaking. But my current approach does have its own risk: never being willing to say 'Right, it's done. Let's start writing.'

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