Friday, December 17, 2004

The Mountain has been climbed

Bought 2 more books from that 100 Best SF Novels list today.
Nova - Samuel R. Delany - apparently about a guy in a funky indiginie space-opera universe attempting to collapse the capitalist system; and
The Embedding - Ian Watson - which was one of the ones I really wanted, a linguistic thriller. Looking forward.

In addition, I've located about 6 more that are on that list. Think I might buy them for myself for Xmas, now that Neil Diamond has sold out. Damn!

Went to see a HK kung-fu vampire movie with Svend on Wednesday night. Out at the movie theatre in Miramar. Funky stuff. To repeat my comments from Svend's blog:

[SVEND SAID:] The Twins Effect (which seems to have been renamed The Vampire Effect for the American market). All we knew was that it was a Hong Kong movie with western-style vampires with fight coreography by the same guy who worked on Hero, vampire hunters who are Cantopop stars in real life ("The Twins", Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi) and a Jackie Chan cameo .

[HIX SAYS:] I will state, here and now for the record, that the Jackie Chan cameo in this movie (The Twins Effect) is ESSENTIAL viewing for anyone interested in his work.

To take him, make him a bit part in someone else's movie, and then give him exactly the same storyline, skills and attitude as in any of his other films was: a) a stroke of genius, b) incredibly riotiously entertaining, c) the highpoint of the film for me, and d) great for giving me a new perspective on him as an entertainer.

Plus: hard-core action mixed with way goofy HK comedy. Rocks.

In all, if a Buffy TVS feature film could be that intense and funny, I'd be a happy happy fanboy.

As for The Limit, I decided that if I was going to build this confrontation scene up in my head as something big, tough to conquer, then I was going to approach it with rock-climbing-like determination. So at the start of today (yes, after my sleep-in), I set the goal of finishing the scene no matter what ... and set up base-camps at certain sections of the scene that I would reach, rest and then move on from.

It was fun. And I look forward to the coming tighten-up rewrite where I start to integrate Ainsley and my visions for how it plays out.

Hopefully it's all on track to giving to Andrew before Xmas. But I should know for sure in about 3 days.

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