Friday, November 18, 2005

[RPG] My 'Dirty Virgins' game

OK, I wasn't going to enter this month’s Ronnies, but then – 3 hours before the deadline – I read this game called apocalypse girl (you can read my review of it here, or download it here). And then I read this post from Ron & I don't know. I had to do it. The rough draft of Dirty Virgins (you can download it from here) was written in 43 minutes.

Here's the premise:

A large town in the middle ages. The Dragon will destroy it unless he is given a virgin sacrifice.

You're one of the town's Virgins.

The Dragon is coming tomorrow morning.

The object of the game: get enough mud on your reputation to avoid being killed.

The creative process was a little odd. At the start of the competition I brainstormed about 120 ideas. None of my top 4 (Invasion USSR, The Wing, Dirty Virgins or Swamp Men vs. the Mud Monsters) really grabbed my breeding balls and said "Write me now." So I let it slide.

Then on Tuesday, thinking about Jenni's Super-Cool-Jedi problem, I came up with a system for a game called Double Agents (kind of Alias meets 24 meets Aeon Flux). When I decided I had to write DV, that was the mechanic that swum to mind & I was off.

I wanted this game to have the spirit of a German boardgame, where the abilities you needed to use in the first phase actually starts to hinder you (or become meaningless) in the endgame. I guess play testing will show me if I succeeded.

Already though, I can see flaws - drawing two cards, no player vs. player, probably the method of figuring out votes is broken. But it was damn fun to write & when it's sorted, I think it'll be damn fun to play.

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hix said...

Sweet! It just got mentioned over at the 20x20' Room.