Saturday, May 27, 2006

48 Hours- Day 1

It's mid afternoon of the first day - very cloudy, been lightly showering and cold for most of it.

So, of course, we've written a movie where all of our cast and crew have to stand outside for the entire script.

I am hoping that they find it a bonding experience, rather than an incentive to lynch me.

Our genre is Monster Movie. This is awesome. We've got a couple of monster hunters who are romantic rivals in a John Carpenter/Predator hunt through the jungle buddy movie thing.

What I'm really happy about with the script is the pacing and the attitude. We're currently waiting for the first footage to arrive - so that we can see how the script's been interpreted. So weird to not be on set for this part. I think our cast is pretty damn good, actually but it makes me realise that it all comes down to how the director and actors'll work together, as to whether it'll come across broadly comedic, deadly serious, wryly amusing ... and all of that affects the music that I'm currently listening to Svend select.

Yeah, I'm not on set because I was up till 5.30 finishing the script. Jenni made me sleep and forbade from coming out there until I was fresh. Three catnaps later and I think I'm there.

So, we'll be shooting more tomorrow. We have professional stuntpeople doing the 'everyone gets killed by the monster' thing. Hopefully we'll also have a rough cut of stuff by tomorrow too.

More later.

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Jenni said...

I can't say that we didn't think of lynching you.

Personally I wasn't *that* fussed by the rain because I assigned myself the job of holding the golf umbrella over the camera, so I was pretty much always dry and warm.

I did say "Ewwww!" a lot when I had to walk through mud though, plus I fell in a hole.

But, since there was no way we could move any scene inside we just persevered.