Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Writing Table

Really fun session with the 48 Hour writing team auditions last night - a nasty little silent film thriller - and a valuable demonstration for me about what I want from a writing table (the group that sits around breaking a story ... and for more on what's entailed in breaking a story, read this blog post by Jane Espenson).

Simply: I like writers who listen. At its best last night, our group was having a fun, considerate, reflective, other-adjectives-that-mean-we-were-grooving-off-each-other's-ideas time.

A conversation without ego, with everyone willing to accept the best that each other has to offer. That's a writing table I can feel comfortable around.

Many well-functioning groups fit that description; it's just nice to have it illustrated for me.
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Anonymous said...

Totally. It took us a while to hit a groove, I thought, because we needed a while to find how we worked - I was pretty comfortable with you because of the gaming but there was a learning curve figuring out how best to listen to the other two.

Was real good though. The proof is that I want to make the film we blocked out.

My favourite moment - meeting the three minute deadline to come up with something better.