Sunday, July 23, 2006

A rough as guts summary of Phoenix Episode 9

This is very much a reference post for the people who played Phoenix on Saturday. I tried to remember the order of scenes, but by about halfway through my memory failed so I separated them out into each character's strand and put down as much as I can remember. Hopefully it'll serve as a memory jog if we write the stuff up.

So, don't expect this to make much sense if you keep reading. It's all pretty rough, and doesn't get to the dramatic juice that powered each scene.

Episode 9 (Season Finale)

Boyd talking to Carl (via radio) outside compound.

Saul talks to Carl on roof - “You'll choose one of us to die.”

Terri decides to take Tom with her into the compound – which puts her in danger of being discovered.

Molly 'tortures' Lacey.

Maybe Saul talks to Alistair came here, and realised he's got to change the Rules. ??

Terri, almost discovered by guards – intimate moment with Tom.

We might have cut to the scene where Lacey's drinking hot chocolate in the kitchen & Saul comes in to speak with her.

Then the scene with the guard moving through the compound, seeing the grill open, Molly's missing, sounding the alarm.

Terri tries to get the medical files.
Saul lets Boyd out of the storage locker.
Terri gets the med-assist to help her / activate Stage 6

Scene outside the compound, the Tactical Team arguing about whether to go in – hearing a gunshot from inside.


Molly talks to the kids
Molly convinces the kids to step in the room.

The compound is breached – this was colour that affected subsequent narration.

Saul lets Boyd out of the storage locker.
Saul and Boyd talk in the corridor.
Boyd talks to Carl.
Boyd rescues Molly.
Boyd at the end.

Terri tries to get the medical files.
Terri gets the med-assist to help her / activate Stage 6
Tom regains consciousness – he's losing himself – he and Terri have a last conversation.
Tom asks Saul to take him to Carl.

Carl makes the decision about who will die.


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Luke said...

It was an awesome session and I was really blown away by the group's ability to come up with such a consistent and engaging story.

BTW there were 2 Boyd scenes in that early phase, as well as a general "what's going on outside" scene, that you have missed.

Also, I think you have mistakenly put Carl rather than Saul (and Terri) for who made the decision in the final scene :)

Lastly, I think the hint of Tom's resurrection at the end of the Epilogue is worthy of note.