Friday, August 11, 2006

Joining a Writing Table - some tips

As I've found, it's not easy to be the new person at the writing table. I've mentioned before how I'd like to be part of a table that listens to each other and tries to bring out the best. Here are some tips on how to do that:

- Just ask questions – try to get a feel for what’s important, the reasons why something was done, and where the reasoning is weak.

- Don’t prepare a 40 page document filled with all the problems I've identified and how I'd solve them. This sort of stuff has to come out in conversation.

- Do bring a page of questions, organised in order of importance.

- If I do have to ID problems, keep the list very very short. Either, (a) Point out why I find them problematic, and suggest a couple of solutions, or (b) do a deep analysis to find out what I think the basic problem is – and then see if others at the table agree with me.

- Don't get anxious about joining an established team. It takes quite a while to fit in with them and get a sense of their style (like a month to six month quite a while)

- Try to keep the Big Picture in mind.

- Be co-operative.

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