Monday, October 09, 2006

Mega Roleplaying Weekend - The Haikus

Lots of gaming over the weekend at a house-con up on the coast. It was intense – so many games I wanted to play. Rather than regale you with war stories, I give you haikus.

Don't rest your head. Insomniacs see what's behind the real world. It's scary, in a Grant Morrison 'Doom Patrol' way.

Lonely man, awake.
He must find true love or else.
Trapped in the Mad City.

The Princes Kingdom. A princess and two princes travel to the island of Astoria to solve a brewing conflict between settlers and natives.

Little royal child,
you know your father loves you.
Can you stop the war?

Agon. Ancient Greek warriors of legend pursue epic quests to win the favour of the gods.

Scream and rage, bold heroes!
Fight and race each other now.
Fate, your time draws near.

Primetime Adventures: Displaced. A 90's TV show about a space hero fighting an evil galactic conspiracy with his friends from the 20th century.

These freaks with my ex
are trying to save the Earth?
Wait. They want me, too?

You can read more about them at the local forum I'm now moderating – Random Play.

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