Monday, September 03, 2007

Links - Future of TV

OK, something a little new here. I'll post a whole bunch of related links, and then analyse them in the comments as I get time. Join in the conversation there, and if anything insightful pops up, that'll get a post of its own.

First up, the future of television / 4th generation media (4GM) ...

NBC fails (spectacularly) to bully Apple into raising its download prices.

Theatrical release isn't where studios make their money from movies.

Didn't I predict the death of the mainstream in one of my first posts? Well, it's happening. And, by the way, how many people do you know who regularly watch television anymore?

Guerilla drive-ins - organising movie screenings in unused public spaces, via flash-mobs.

What the hell. Boogie Nights / Star Wars (link to YouTube).

A TV professional speculates about future trends.

A link to a link about making internet content watchable - and move the audience from TV to the net.

And another link-link to a business model for internet content.

Enough for now.
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