Tuesday, October 14, 2008

[Long Range Thinking] Superstruct

Obviously I can't start posting about long-range thinking without mentioning Superstruct - a new online game that is going to last for another 5 weeks where you play yourself in the year 2019 dealing with a global threat of your choice. Available threats to choose from include food shortages and ubiquitous surveillance.


Here's the tutorial:

I have some concerns about the game's presentation - in that it feels a little like unpaid market research - but totally applaud its open-source optimism.

Have a play round with the site. Watch the videos. Think about it.

Update: What I'm trying to imagine at the moment is a world in which people from all over the globe can contribute to forecasting about real-world issues. In my head, it has these qualities:
  • a short-term commitment
  • limited group size (120 or so?)
  • produces results or next-actions-to-take or synthesises its findings into a readable / viewable form
I guess it would look a little something like World Without Oil. And maybe that's where the superstruct team are going.
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