Thursday, June 25, 2009

Presentation Zen: An Example (The Moons of Saturn)

Another presentation - this one comes from and shows us what it's like on two of Saturn's moons.

There's less reliance on slides in this presentation, more a focus on the passion of the presenter (Carolyn Porco).


C G said...

...uh... don't even know where to start!
First - I haven't paid attention to space travel/space exploration for something like seven or eight years, so this totally blows my mind.
Second - the idea that there is a website of people giving these sorts of presentations on all sorts of other subjects ALSO blows my mind
Third - coming through to this site and seeing the amount of detailed thought that you've put into doing presentations yourself...
I don't know how to describe this.
It's sort of... it's the optimistic sense of information overload I associate with the mid 1990s.

hix said...

Man, you are going to love

Thanks for the kind words!