Sunday, August 16, 2009

Open Thread

What's on your mind today?


matt said...

Cameras. And writing, but mostly cameras. I seem to be spending way too much time looking at camera reviews online. I kind of want to get a digital SLR camera to take massivley pretty photos. But it'd be a pain to lug around.

Pretty photos.
Learning something new (how to work a complicated camera and make it take the most prettiest photos evah).

Inconvenient for 95% of the photo taking I do, which is really quick snapshots of Dominic.
We already have a very nice digital camera which I know how to work. So mostly redundant.

Dug a tunnel under the guard house, dressed up as washerwomen and busted out of here. Are now living the easy life down in Otago (NZ equivalent of Mexico. Not as hot, possibly less corrupt police force. Unkown quantities of Spanish Fly.)

matt said...

btw- is Spanish Fly just another name for rohipnol?

matt said...

Hmm, a quick internet search reveals that it is a secretion of the male Spanish Fly (some kind of green beetle) which can cause such awesome saucy effects as swelling, uterine bleeding, priapism and death.

Let's get the party started indeed!

hix said...

I feel you've given me great insight into a lot of things today, Matt.

debbie said...

I've been obsessively thinking about writing stuff and how listening to authors is both really inspiring and daunting at the same time.

I am also fascinated that part of my brain is capable of concocting far-fetched explanations in a desperate attempt to convince me to ignore reason and cling to futile hopes.

Yes, you have been accepted by that publisher or won that competition you haven't heard from in ages - the acceptance letters were just unfortunately lost in the post and are now halfway to Algeria.

Helen Rickerby said...

I'm a bit late with this, as my mind has been a bit blunted lately. But what has been on it, along with irritation at getting sick, has been: 1. All the bits involved in publishing my latest chapbook (Watching for Smoke, by Helen Heath) by the beginning of Sep (involves the cutting of card, the printing of pages, the stitching of the the whole thing together and the acquisition and insertion of needle needles or crochet hooks); 2. All the things I need to do to publish JAAM 27, which isn't quite so fiddly; 3. How I want to live my life.