Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Thread

Talk, talk, talk. But also: share with me your top 3 interesting websites to visit. I would diversify my experience of the internet.


Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

"Interesting sites..." Well that's going to be rather telling about the poster!

Lately I've really only be checking my yahoo mail, facebook, the Evony site (for the embedded game), and the odd news site. But as to those being interesting... hmmmm

I'll go ahead and put Evony on the list as it really is a pretty good free game.

Maybe you could search for TED video's, some of those are pretty amazing. Example:

And for completely mindless diversion... with lolcats, loldogs, etc...

Jenni said...

I feel like you probably know these already, but I like checking:

for the pretty and for the inspiration

for cute stuff when I am feeling down or overwhelmed. I can't help but smile at that site.

Food porn and recipes

because having an online to-do list and then clicking on 'done' is so damn satisfying.

Jenni said...

Oh and I just realised I gave you more than three and I am going to add

for the LOLs.