Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dr Who: My theory on Season 5

OK, prediction time: Matt Smith is a decoy Doctor.

I'm actually pretty confident that Matt Smith will be good in the role of the new Doctor. Team
Who have excellent taste in casting and he's got a really interesting look about him.

But I remember the rumours about casting the new Dr Who before it was relaunched. James Nesbitt's name was floated a few times and (based off my impressions of his performance in Cold Feet) I felt he would make a great shambling around Doctor in the spirit of Tom Baker. When I couple that rumour with his performance in Steven Moffat's Jekyll, well ...

My prediction is that Matt Smith will be killed off mid-way through Season 5 and replaced by James Nesbitt.


Jarratt said...

I hope you are wrong. Eccleson's doctor is underwhelming because he was only there for a season. It didn't help that he was then overshadowed by Tennant, but I think the real problem was that while Eccleson had a strong character for the doctor it was never truly seen through to it's potential. The War of Time storyline and the effects of it on his psyche is something that belonged to Eccleson, and while it was alluded to with Tennant, he really moved the character beyond that and ended up having his own issues regarding the ability to hold companions and whether he should have them in the first place - attachment and all that.

So with all that in mind I really hope that Smith isn't a decoy and that he and Moffat give this doctor a good 3 year run.

Steve Hickey said...

Heh. I'm very excited to see what Matt Smith brings to the show.

That said, it's a hell of an exit strategy if he doesn't work out (provided Team Who can keep the transition under wraps).

... very much looking forward to watching the final two-part special.