Friday, January 15, 2010

2009: Favourite Books

I read this year! Here are some highlights:

Sharp Teeth: a verse-novel about rival tribes of werewolves using LA gang culture to survive.

Presentation Zen: a simple, colourful guide to making your presentations easier to engage with and be remembered. The subject of many many posts this year, and (crucially) started my line of reading books about the essence of story.

The Garden of Last Days: a gruelling, extremely slow-burning thriller about one night in a Florida strip-club. By the author of The House of Sand and Fog. Highly recommended, but ... yeah ... did I mention 'gruelling'? It's an extremely very rather tense read.

The Sleep Dep Online Exquisite Corpse: Chris' collaborative story-telling game that started moody and ended insanely. Led to ...

The Event: a collaborative story about Wellington in the throes of an apocalypse. Great writing from everyone, but especially worth checking out for the character of Margaret's special POV.

The Dip: a book about quitting that led to the toughest-to-write series of blog post I've done so far.

Made to Stick: I have struggled to take notes on this book for the last couple of months, but I'm now ready to start blogging about it. Made to Stick is all about finding ideas that people want to spread (whether that be urban legends, inspirational anecdotes or jokes).

Under the Dome: Stephen King returns to small-town Maine and then nukes it.

Passengers: a script written entirely in first-person, about what it's like to be possessed by a pleasure-seeking parasite that takes over your body and wipes out your memory. A good story, and a brilliant technical exercise.

Buried: a script for a low-budget feature film set entirely in a coffin. It's a quick read, and slightly claustrophobia-inducing.


Matt said...

Yay for The Event making your list!

And did that say Buried was a *feature film* script set in a coffin?

I think I shall follow that link during Dom's naptime tomorrow :-)

Steve Hickey said...

The Event is a sterling piece of work. I'm looking forward to re-reading it.