Sunday, January 31, 2010

Play: January-February 2009

I've just finished a big re-draft of my game about dysfunctional family sitcoms, Bad Family. Which means it's time to kick back and spend another two weeks exploring new projects. Here's what's on my plate at the moment:

Read Mixtape: this coming-of-age script ranked highly on this year's Black List. It's about a thirteen year old who finds a mixtape that belonged to the deceased parents she never knew, accidentally destroys it, and uses the song list to go on a journey to find all the music in an attempt to get to know her parents. Really looking forward to this one.

AI story: Gino and I were talking a couple of weeks ago about how having an AI in a sci-fi story never ends well for the humans. Which got me wondering - what would a 'good' AI story look like? I'm going to have an explore and see if I can find out.

Destinies: it's time to push this web-series project a bit further and have a meeting with some of my brain-storming collaborators.

The Orphans: plotting out my creepy 'kids stuck in a haunted orphanage' movie will continue. Looking forward to seeing what these kids do next, because the situation is getting pretty grim for them.

Free writing: I'll spend a bit of each day just jamming on different story ideas and see where they go. The key will be to put absolutely no pressure on myself.

And for extra credit ...

Read The Second Session: my first draft script about musicians trying to record an album has been in my to-read pile for a while now.

The Limit: next step here is to assemble a contact list of emails for producers.

Made to Stick: I'd like to blog a bit more, and lock this series of posts off.

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