Sunday, March 28, 2010

Music: February

Neko Case @ Henry Fonda TheaterImage via Wikipedia

Pearce lent me Neko Case's album Blacklisted.

Stand-out track for me so far is Deep Red Bells, which is all haunting and yearning.

... Whoa: according to Wikipedia, Deep Red Bells is inspired by her memories of growing up in Seattle while the Green River Killer was still at large.

So, yeah maybe less yearning and more melancholy.

I'm in love with the drive and intensity of this new track from Massive Attack - Babel. Here's a live performance in Moscow

Fluxblog has been posting links to Animal Collective for a while, but I'm only now starting to really let their album, Merriweather Post Pavillion, sink in. My Girls is obviously awesome, but the track I get drawn back to is Summertime Clothes.

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BubbaJay said...

Love Neko Case check out 'Fox Confessor brings the flood'. If your on an Alt.Country bender can also recommend Elien Jewel 'Sea of Tears'.

Steve Hickey said...

Cheers! March has led me away from a little, but I have been listening to sky blue sky by wilco a little bit. I'll check out your reccs.

Anonymous said...

Definitely - Fox Confessor is outstanding.