Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Have Done List: March

Rather than writing a to-do list, here's a list of things I did do in March:
  • bought two seasons of Angel incredibly cheaply at the dump shop
  • discovered (and developed a crush on) The Big Bang Theory
  • used TV Gorge, before it folded
  • started a game of Bad Family on Google Wave
  • won poker (and 10 packets of Girl Guide biscuits)
  • entertained a three-year old with a talking rabbit
  • went body-surfing in Lyall Bay
  • drove up and back to Auckland
  • saw the Pixies perform Doolittle
  • drove around Auckland by myself
  • had good, deep conversations with friends
  • articulated my issues with a problem at work
  • had a good break-up
  • redesigned the blog using Blogger in Draft
  • figured out how to create a transparent banner for the blog in Photoshop
  • changed my blog posting to a weekly rate
  • went to the Asian Night Market
  • unlocked final level of cellphone poker
  • beat the cellphone poker game!
  • got good feedback about The Limit from a producer
  • figured out a new way to fit writing in to my life
  • visited a marae
  • learned that you can support someone so much that you run the risk of decreasing trust
  • gave feedback on a roleplaying game (Love in the Time of the Seid)
  • watched a great film (Waltz with Bashir)
  • learned that Andrew made the Wellywood Angry Hitler video
  • restarted work on the 'other people can play it' draft of Bad Family (and have nearly finished it!)
  • listened to 2 M.I.A albums
  • finished work on the Made to Stick reviews
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