Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Have Done List: March

Rather than writing a to-do list, here's a list of things I did do in March:
  • bought two seasons of Angel incredibly cheaply at the dump shop
  • discovered (and developed a crush on) The Big Bang Theory
  • used TV Gorge, before it folded
  • started a game of Bad Family on Google Wave
  • won poker (and 10 packets of Girl Guide biscuits)
  • entertained a three-year old with a talking rabbit
  • went body-surfing in Lyall Bay
  • drove up and back to Auckland
  • saw the Pixies perform Doolittle
  • drove around Auckland by myself
  • had good, deep conversations with friends
  • articulated my issues with a problem at work
  • had a good break-up
  • redesigned the blog using Blogger in Draft
  • figured out how to create a transparent banner for the blog in Photoshop
  • changed my blog posting to a weekly rate
  • went to the Asian Night Market
  • unlocked final level of cellphone poker
  • beat the cellphone poker game!
  • got good feedback about The Limit from a producer
  • figured out a new way to fit writing in to my life
  • visited a marae
  • learned that you can support someone so much that you run the risk of decreasing trust
  • gave feedback on a roleplaying game (Love in the Time of the Seid)
  • watched a great film (Waltz with Bashir)
  • learned that Andrew made the Wellywood Angry Hitler video
  • restarted work on the 'other people can play it' draft of Bad Family (and have nearly finished it!)
  • listened to 2 M.I.A albums
  • finished work on the Made to Stick reviews


Helen Rickerby said...

Yay for all the stuff you did in March! Except the bad stuff. Yay for the good and growing stuff, which I suppose is all of it really, even the bad stuff.

Steve Hickey said...

Thanks, Helen. Hanging out with you and Sean in and en route to Auckland was a huge part of what made March so cool.