Saturday, June 05, 2010

Handwriting recognition

I've decided to try out some handwriting recognition software. In fact, this post has been constructed using it. I have borrowed a tablet, and downloaded a free trial of a package called 'ritepen'.

For the most part, it is good. It recognises nearly every word I enter. Correcting words is slower but not too painful. The biggest problem's adjusting toT. the interface: it is not entirely like like writing words on paper - it's, slower and ghtchiev(asthePc pauses to register what's happening. ) The fact that I'm concentrating on how to use the interface means the way I express myself i s ...stunted, and this simple post has taken 20 minutes to compose.

It's getting easier to use, but more practice is required.  The verdict so far: It's cool, but not fun.

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Matt said...

tablets are fantastic for photoshop. And could be cool for annotating docs and pdfs with the right software