Monday, June 14, 2010

Left Coast: A day in the life of a writer

Here's a little something I wrote up for Left Coast, my game about drug-addled science fiction writers struggling to write their books.

6 am. Can't sleep.
6.07 am. Baby wakes up screaming.
6.30 am. Wash baby poo off hands.
7.34 am. Score.

8.40am. Sit down to write.
8.43am. Breakfast.
9.04am. Sit down to write.
9.11am. Tidy room.
9.15 am. Blink.

Sometime. Sit down to write.
Afternoon. Blank.

2.14pm. Realise I’ve been staring at a wall for a long time.
2.15pm. Wash unidentified brown substance off own hands.
2.something. Blank.

4pm. Driving north.

4.23pm. Coffee with the gang.

5.05pm. Steal TV back from Eddie.

6.10pm. Pick up more nappies. For baby.
6.11pm. Score.
6.13pm. Phone dealer.
6.15pm. Phone dealer.
6.16pm. Phone dealer.

7.48pm. Party with dealer & the gang.

8.09pm. Replace smashed painting with vase of flowers picked from front lawn.

1am. Where am I?
1.02am. Call wife.
2am. Walk 5 miles back to home.
2.50am. Scribble short story idea on borrowed napkin from diner.

4am. Write on front porch while drinking beer and ignoring screams of baby.

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