Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 has been a good year for gaming for me. What's it been like for you?

Reflecting on what I've achieved in 2011 in game design and playing - here's what's been going on for me:

  • Reading Steven Pressfield's The War of Art and feeding its insights about overcoming creative blocks into every area of my creative life, including gaming.
  • Participating in the second Festival of Flawless Victory, re-kickstarting my design of Left Coast.
  • Overcoming my fears of playtesting and getting feedback on my own games.
  • Working with Paul Czege, Jonathan Walton, Luke Walker, and Alasdair Sinclair on a convention scenario for My Life with Master.
  • Playing and giving feedback on McDaldno's Monsterhearts (the game of twisted supernatural romance).
  • Running and getting my first professional RPG editing gig on Mike Sands' Monster of the Week (the game of kick-ass monster hunting).
  • Finishing an epic Apocalypse World game and feeling like I'd learn three years worth of lessons about playing a protagonist.
  • Becoming better friends with the people I play with.
  • Being part of informally developing a supportive group of playtesters and game designers in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Working hard on a honed, simplified, and signficantly revised version of Left Coast - to publish early next year.
What about you?


Karen said...

Didn't think I'd done much this year, but...
-'So Cold in Alaska' was the second best 'game that ran for 2 or more sessions' at Kapcon. I learnt a whole heap from writing and running it. Playing at Kapcon generally... as always... but particularly Svend's Inspectres and Mike's Time and Temps. I am a huge fan of the GoD team :)
-Megaroleplaying... People enjoyed the first outing of Horrorscopes (my first attempt at an Indie game) and when I have time I intend to tidy it up so other people can run it... Also loved Microscope... I'd like to play it again... for longer. I feel like we only scratched the surface :)
Day of Games... Good runs of Alaska and Horrorscopes. Dying horribly in Sophie's Monster of the Week game!
-Wednesday gaming... I mostly just played :) Idiot ran awesome 'Delta Green' and Donna has run a really f**ked up Monsters and Other Childish Things. We've played some Fiasco.
-'White Rabbit' playtest was amazingly constructive (wonderful Wellington playtesters) and changes to pace and mechanics should turn it into a good game
-More LARPing than ever before... Renewing/strengthening old gamer friendships and making new friends. Probably good :)

Seraph said...

Not great. I managed a day of Kapcon ... and that was it I think. Being a father of two small children will do that to you. I knew there would be sacrifices.

Seraph said...

Oh - there was Post-Box con too. That kind of blurred into this year for a while. So I had double the amount I thought I did.