Saturday, February 04, 2012

Could someone explain this weird piece of graphic design?

Found hanging in our bathroom at work over Christmas, with no clue as to who produced it or put it there, was this poster:

A list of holiday tips, using icons in the place of words. For instance, Tip 1 (in the top left) is Don't Drink and Drive, using pictures of a bottle and a car to represent 'Drink' and 'Drive'.

So, internet. What does this mean?


Karen said...

It's clearly not natural to be that happy... That alone should be enough to make you suspicious.I can see a number of possibilities:

Infomercials. People on infomercials are always happy... they want to sell you something. In this case, it's clear that these clean contented kids can't be real. They're tapping into Christmas loneliness and nostalgia to market robot children... But beware... the QA is probably not up to scratch... Junior's head might start rotating at any moment, and little Lucy's limbs may detach or she might start singing Christmas carols over and over in her tinny little girl voice... Quick... Where's the off switch? OMG it's stuck!

It could be also be a Public Health warning to watch for the symptoms of excessive perkiness and medicate before it ruins your life...

Religion... God can make you that happy... Or perhaps a cult... with good drugs. My brother sent me the chemical structure. I left it on my desk at work!

Emma said...