Thursday, March 17, 2005

[Poll] “Dark Forever”

That name popped into my head early this morning. I’m pretty sure it’s the title of something but I’m not sure what. So my question to you:

“What is Dark Forever about?”


Anonymous said...

Noir, obviously. :)

The first thing I though of is a "Dark City"-esque movie, where someone realizes that it's always night, always the city, and always raining...

Another possibility, still in the noir genre, is going with the classic set-up (detective, a beautiful female client with a problem), and simply have the client be blind - and the reason she is blind is somehow tied into what the detective ends up investigating. You'd probably want to go for a "Chinatown" sort of feel... one obvious layer of twist would be that the way her family made their money turns out to be connected to contamination of the water table, which affected her development in the womb.

More later, perhaps, but I must away for Important Tasks! :)

Anonymous said...

There's a classic Spielbergian suburban boy protagonist. He's, say, twelve or thirteen.

He encounters a strange and beautiful girl. She seems to need help but she runs from him. And there is a magic about her - or did he imagine that?

All he has to go on is the two words she whispered to him: 'Dark forever'.

And then the agents of the dark come hunting...


It just strikes me as a classic fantastic-daydreams threat concept.

'Labyrinth' meets 'Neverending Story'?

hix said...

"And then the agents of the dark come hunting..."

Ooh, that's shiver-worthy.

Svend, a city where it's always dark is the first thing I thought of too. I think I'm still freaked out by this Thomas Ligotti short story I read called "The Mystics of Muelenberg".

It also suggests sci-fi to me.

Anonymous said...

It made me think of a goth, unfortunately...