Tuesday, March 29, 2005

[TV] Gilmore Girls 5.2

The Season 5 plots emerge: the consequences of Rory becoming sexually active, Luke and Lorelai finally get together, and Lane may be in love with her band’s singer.

The episode also detonated a nuke that the casual viewer wouldn’t see: Lorelai and her daughter Rory have been arguing for 3 months. Lorelai has also become neurotic about cleanliness and everything being in its right place at work.

When her best friend points out that this is exactly how Lorelai’s mother behaves, we realise Lorelai’s teenage rebellion contributed to her mother becoming an icy-bitch.

It’s a powerful realisation that simultaneously illustrates the motivations behind three generations of Gilmore women and makes us keen to see them all reconcile. Another demonstration of how the show is about subtle conflicts.

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