Friday, April 15, 2005

[TV] Gung Ho

Gung Ho, by Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles is an interesting book about how to create a healthy team environment.

Read the 1 page synopsis ...

The Spirit of the Squirrel: WORTHWHILE WORK.

To create worthwhile work, 1 ) the work as to be understood as important. 2) it has to lead to a well understood and shared goal. 3) values must guide all plans, decisions, and actions.

If you want people to be Gung Ho, they must understand why their work makes the world a better place. This is a great way to create self-esteem.

You can't have worthwhile work unless everyone is working towards a well understood and shared goal. You can't order people to support the goals you set. All you can do is tell them how they will benefit and invite them to join you. Along with total honesty, you had to put the well-being of your team members first. These are the basics of building Trust.

It matters how you reach the goal. You have to be proud of the goal and how you get there. You must be guided by values. In a Gung Ho organisation values are the real boss. Leaders have to insist that everyone follow them. If people don't respect your values, then they work elsewhere. Values aren't worth squat until they're tested by both time and vigorous assault. If you can pass up doubling profit for three years in a row to uphold the value, then it's a value. Until then it's a nice idea.

Meet every day for one hour to ask: Why are we here? What are our goals? What values will guide us?


The Way of the Beaver requires: 1) a playing field with clearly marked territory. 2) thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams are respected, listened to and acted upon. 3) able but challenged.

The leader decide where the team is going and makes sure they share that goal. Then they let the the workers exercise their own judgment about how to achieve the goal. People will naturally work together .

People who are truly in control work for organisations that value them as people. Their thoughts, feelings, needs and dreams are respected, listened to and acted upon by every other beaver.

Give people work they are able to do. But stretch them – the work should demand their best and allow them to explore new territory. The challenge will make them happy.

The Gift of the Goose: CHEERING OTHERS ON.

In a Gung Ho workplace there is the constant flow of positive, happy results. Everyone cheers each other on. It’s how you make a mission come alive.

People are rewarded in two ways: cash and congratulations. Congratulations must be TRUE. Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic. They are more effective when they are Spontaneous, Individual, Specific, and Unique. And cheer the progress, not just the result.

Gung Ho is not a quick fix. It's a way of life. It is something to dedicate five years to. But like most things that are hard fought for, it is well with the wait. Because human minds linked to a common purpose achieve infinitely more than they do acting alone.

The knowledge of how to be Gung Ho is important. But what counts is taking action. Now. Today.

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