Thursday, June 01, 2006

48Hours - The Screening

It went bloody well.

Monster Hunter IV: Beyond Repair is what our film's called. MHIVBR, for short. What stood out for me was how it didn't waste time - the work me, Sean and Morgue did in compressing the story meant that it compared favourably to the other films in our heat, in terms of being tight and solid.

Also, the screening confirmed that a 48 Hour film doesn't need to be an out and out comedy - the objective is to have a film that has lots of moments that really 'get' the audience, and big laughs aren't necessarily the only way to do that.

So, in last night's heat, I felt our film was probably the most solid and true to genre.
Optimistic Prime, a Based on a True Story black comedy with a barbershop quartet Greek chorus, was the most entertaining.
The Longest Wait - B&W puppet movie - was the most ambitious and moving.
Honourable Mentions to Driving for a Bargain and to Let it Go, the musical. Man, musical is tough.


Oh, and the process of rewriting the script in my head continues. The final lines (to me) are now:

Robin and Diana look at the monster's corpse.

Some things are too damaged to survive.

Robin stares up at her.

What about us?

There's a long look between them, as Diana considers him.

... Let's find out.

She drags Robin to his feet. They stagger away, together.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. That would emphasis Robin's optimism.

However, it would also undercut the contrast in that last line which is his first real pessimistic one. I kind of liked that. It was as if his optimism achieved something at the end even when that optimism had left him.


Rachel said...

I agree with Luke, although I do think the revision flows better.

hix said...

Good point, Luke.

The revision feels better to me because it leaves the future of the Robin/Diana relationship as 'uncertain and to be explored' rather than 'we're back together'.

However, I missed that beat of pessimism from Robin as well. However however, I wonder in retrospect - that beat of pess'm makes Robin more human, but it's not quite 'the eternal optimist'.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Steve, for the awesomely tight script. I think it's the thing that really set ours apart from the others in our heat.

Also, yeah, I like the original script.