Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lost 1.21

We start with Locke dealing with the consequences of killing Boone – badly. When Jack confronts Locke, his emotions are RAW.

The episode breaks down like this:

CB1: Shannon wants Sayid to take revenge for her. Superb.
CB2: Locke reveals he attacked Sayid and destroyed the radio. This pisses Sayid off.
CB3: Shannon heads off to shoot Locke.
CB4: Locke survives Shannon’s attack. Sayid loses Shannon’s love.
End: “John. No more lies.” Awesome.

Nice bits:
“You drugged me? Oh. Okay.”
Locke has the bad taste to talk to Shannon while covered in Boone’s blood.
Ooh. Walt’s afraid of Locke now.

Locke says, “I know what it feels like when you lose family.” What are the ramifications of that?

Script issues:
It doesn’t seem plausible for two Arabs to be discussing bombing and martyrdom in such a public place. But technically it’s an excellent scene. Hassan is expressing doubts while Sayid, through necessity, is arguing for something he doesn’t believe in.

Using Sawyer as a natural pacifier, someone who’s voice keeps the baby quiet seems … goofy.

Act 3 starts with the preparations for the terrorist attack. Act 3 seems to be about action. Act 4 is about resolution, tying up, consequences. I really need to get how each CB links to the next major step in the script.

Sayid’s character – does he represent guilt? The search for love?

General things:
Locke’s gun comes back into play.
I’m not convinced by Maggie Grace’s performance as Shannon.

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