Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dollhouse 1.9

Spectacular. If this is the show, then it's the most interesting thing Joss Whedon has ever created.


Morgan said...

Yup. It always was the most interesting idea - and they're exploring it beautifully.

It's not the best premise (Buffy) or the best first season (Firefly) etc etc. But seriously, I've never seen TV like this. This is the most unusual show I've ever encountered. It is the opposite of television.

I don't love it (yet). But I hold it in some serious high esteem.

Anonymous said...

Episode 9 was easily my favourite episode so far. It explored characters that had been left kind of bland and gave them something.

I think there are a lot of ways to run with this concept and I would have to say that some of the things they went for have been pretty hit and miss.

I love Tahmoh Penikett because of BSG but his character reminds me of the cop in Angel season 1 that really didn't end up working. Elements of his character and his journey are interesting but his insertion into the show is kind of forced.

That said I was watching the scene between him and Mellie in this episode just hoping they would go there and it was great.

This show certainly has sparked my intellectual interest. There is so much you can talk about and discuss about what is right and wrong with the idea of doll technology and how it can be used.

I guess the shows main failing is that while the concept is post-television, for the most part the scripting and story is standard television. This isn't Lost, 24 or BSG where the style of show in the first season was new and refreshing. This is just standard lets try a few different things TV.

Which is why I liked Ep9 the best so far. I think if the show is supposed to be about the dolls then it should be about them and told from their perspective. It would have been more interesting to know up front about Victor and Mellie, to tell their sides of the growing story in every episode and to only use Ballard as he interacts with them, slowly revealing his part in the whole story. It could have been the episode 3 twist that this guy that Mellie was seducing was not actually a client but an FBI agent they were keeping tabs on.

If this gets a second series though I think it's gonna be pretty damn good, but the chances might not be too high.