Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Supernatural - the rest of Season 2

Supernatural continues to be a entertaining horror-for-TV show. It's been interesting seeing it mix:
  • brotherly banter and matter-of-fact attitude towards dealing with monsters
  • an episode of the week structure that uses several genre tropes (the Rashomon episode, the episode where they live a completely different life)
  • serious emotional character developments and philosophical arguments, and
  • a solid mythology for the show.
Favourite subplots so far include 'The FBI are after us', and 'Sam may go dark side'.

All the episodes have been fun, but the standouts for me are: No Exit (their take on 'Saw'), Nightshifter (weirdly, I feel it's inspired by 'Inside Man' and it's a great sequel to a Season 1 ep), Heart (werewolves, and a pretty amazing conclusion), and Hollywood Babylon (an satire of trashy Hollywood movies - Pearce, if there's one episode you should watch it's this one).

This second season has basically put all the pieces into place for a third season dealing with a war of demons vs hunters. I'm about to watch the two part season finale, and my expectations are high. The end of Season 1 had the highest proportion of cliffhangers-and-twists to running time of any episode of TV I've seen since the Season 1 finale of Twin Peaks.


Luke said...

The end of Season 2 was good IMO. I felt that season 2 didn't quite keep the overarching plots ramping up like in season 1, so this did effect it.

However, I also found that the finale of Season 2 wrapped up many things so well that I wasn't too stressed about seeing Season 3 any time soon.

Jenni said...

I freaking love the Rashomon/trickster episode. So so funny!

"Dean! This is really important!"