Friday, April 02, 2010


With the A-Team and The Losers coming out,(*) it's going to be a good year for action movies in which a band of elite soldiers are betrayed by someone (causing them to seek revenge).

(*) And the Expendables, but I don't trust that yet.

I'm surprised at how fun the A-Team looks, and concerned at how the trailer for the Losers seems too fun - doesn't quite capture the tone I liked from the comics.

... Hmm. OK. After actually watching the new Expendables trailer - I've changed my mind. All three of these films have great casting, and look like they're going to deliver my fix of badass.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not sure how others are seeing your new blog on their screen, but it has a few kinks in it when I view it. The two columns on the side have lots of text either getting cut off, or broken up into two word sentences, or even running outside the column altogether which makes for a odd reading experience. (JP)

Steve Hickey said...

Cheers, man. I'll have a play round with it later on today.