Saturday, April 17, 2010

The New Thing is coming in 2 days

Bill Cunningham over at Pulp 2.0 tweeted the following: "Quit asking permission to create something."

He then followed up with this post (which I will now sample and remix):

You don't need anyone's permission to write, film, draw, compose - whatever.  You just need to fail at it for awhile.  

Anything worthwhile that's been created, invented, theorized and developed has been the result of failure. Lots and lots of failure. 

People look at the end product and get intimidated by its slickness. They don't see the many iterations - the many failures - that led to the success. 

Don't get intimidated by the end product. Keep trying. Keep failing. Learn from those failures

Do it, and if you like it - great. If not, if you can live without it - then you feel good about moving on.

The New Thing isn't about asking for permission. It's a discussion.

Oh, and Andrew and Lucy made this in an evening.

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