Tuesday, July 05, 2005

[TV] A little bit of viewing

I actually watched some shows over the last couple of days:

Gilmore Girls:
I'm enjoying how GG is taking its time dealing with each character's subplots. This is one of the few shows I trust completely to be internally consistent. Highlight this week: Lane's reaction to an offer of sex. Lowlight: I'm not sure Luke would've reacted like that to Emily's apology. It feels a little forced. Still, I'll trust the Sherman-Pallindos. ... Oh yeah, other favourite: "You're loving this aren't you. You're the favourite."

Jamie Oliver's School Dinners:
It's got swearing, great characters, a social conscience and at least 3 levels of conflict. Jamie vs. the kids' taste for junk food, Jamie vs. Nora (wildkind vs. the Establishment) and Jamie vs. himself. It's great to see by the end of Episode 1, Jamie has utterly failed. The kids hate his stuff and he hasn't come up with an underbudget meal yet.

In the Wake of the Rainbow Warrior:
Things are clearer now.

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