Thursday, July 07, 2005

[TV] Speculating on Lost Season 2

After watching the finale last night, I think Lost is in a good position for Season 2. Here are my speculations - some of them based off the Internet - so beware spoilers.

I have increasing confidence that Lost’s writers know exactly what they are doing.

That they’ve developed a secret for every element they introduce to the island, whether it be character or location. They certainly worked out the chronology of all the characters before they boarded the plane – before writing Episode 1.

:: SPOILERS :: (and speculation)

Michael seems to be the pro-active guy – he built the raft. I pick him to be the first of the crash survivors to really explore the island now his son’s missing. Meanwhile Charlie will have to confront his heroin addiction – which will bounce his relationship with Claire in interesting directions.

“They’re not the survivors they thought they were.”

There is another group of survivors on the island. The people from the tail section. That gives Jack a potential second love interest in the form of Michelle Rodriguez, Anna Lucia – the woman who comforted him at the airport bar. And with a second group of survivors comes the opportunity to introduce new characters, tensions, relationships, back stories and mystical links to the island. The second group will know information our main characters don’t – so that makes them a great source of (reasonably) trust-worthy information.

I've also developed my theory of what's going on which I shall acronymise here: ITTTCOFIBIAFITGR. Gino also has a theory which he's solid about ... so it should be fun to trade notes.

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