Thursday, July 07, 2005

[TV] Lost, Episode 4

**** (out of 5)

I’m starting to get a taste for the flavour of Lost. Can’t articulate it yet, but I’m beginning to know what I expect to see when I sit down and watch an episode.

Watching this fresh, I can imagine viewers starting to get excited, realising that all the characters are going to get flashbacks, waiting and wondering which one will be next.
And then a few episodes time the second level of anticipation – that there are subtle connections between some of the passengers.

Coupled with that is the growing understanding that each character has a reason to get off the island.

Act Breaks for this episode:
1. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”
2. The thing in the woods gets Locke.
3. Locke returns with the boar.

The episode export Locke’s back story plot – and firmly hammered home the conclusion that he has a destiny. This ties in to his conversation in the finale with Jack – destiny vs. rationalism – presumably leading to a big conflict between them in Season 2. In a way it’s red vs. blue state. Locke is the man of faith, certain in himself, competent. Jack, intellectual, rational, doubting himself but willing to lead. And the show isn't afraid to paint them as both heroes (although Locke is certainly cast in a sinister light).

There are other leadership dualities in the group of survivors:

Watching this episode, I had another thought on how I would have structured the season. I would have written a timeline on the whiteboard and said “Each ep is a day. How many days before they have to hunt for food? 4? Okay, then an episode 4 they have to hunt. How many before there’s a fight that needs justice? How many before factions form?” Then you have your metaplot which is about human society. However, I'm not sure what I can generalise from this about series design.

Other random thoughts:
Wow. Setting up a Michael-Sun affair. That’s nice.
I like Boone and Shannon. Didn’t think that would happen.
The Michael-Walt tension is great – and completely justified by what we saw happened in the airport in the finale.
Shannon’s fishing plot allows us to see her M.O - – fishing for men to help her.
Jack, being asked to do things, starting to be considered a leader.
The reveal of Locke’s condition – even though I knew it was coming – fantastic. Shivers.
The thing in the woods is a constant presence in these first 4 eps.
The appearance of the man in the suit – awesome scary image. Could be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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