Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some more graphic novel reading

Planetary - this could end up being my favourite comic book series ever. At first glance it seems like a glossy, superficial geek-out of stand-alone action scenes and high concepts where nothing much happens in any particular episode ... and it is, but it's also an epic story of how pop culture has given us a twisted representation of the real history of the world (via icons such as Superman, Godzilla, the Fantastic Four and Hong Kong action heroes), its pacing is getting increasingly intense and its emotions deepening.

Invincible - neat plainly told superhero fun. I love Kirkman's zombie epic "The Walking Dead" (volumes 1 & 2 available in the library) and I'll be checking out the other three Invincible graphic novels real soon.

Animal Man - It's a Grant Morrison comic that goes meta. It also examines some of the same themes as The Filth, but in a more simplistic and ultimately more moving way.

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