Sunday, January 01, 2006

[RPG] Awesome Dirty Virgins Feedback

Remember my game, Dirty Virgins? Medieval maidens trying to avoid being sacrificed to a Dragon? Ron's feedback on it is here at the Forge. Some highlights:

... a stupendous Game Notion which lit up the eyes among my group members at first mention.

You have here a perfect and wonderful idea for a custom card game, along the lines of Give Me the Brain or Uno.

You're almost there! You almost have it! Dude, this could be the knockout card game of GenCon 2006 if you breathe deep and see what you have instead of what you intended to have.

Finally, don't change the name! What are you thinking?

Yep, having received comments from 3 different people, we'll keep it as Dirty Virgins.

Ron's idea about 'dropping the voting phase' is completely out of the blue (
it's been part of the game for me since the beginning), but I can see his point. And I actually had been thinking about converting it into a card-game.

Does anyone have a copy of Give Me The Brain? What other card games should I play?

So, I have lots of options. I could:
  1. Playtest what I've got and figure out its pros & cons, or
  2. Make the voting process work, or
  3. Immediately start developing it along the card-game route, or
  4. Keep it as is & hope I don't come to the conclusion 6 months down the track that the voting doesn't work (which has happened to me several times writing scripts when I've gotten feedback from people who know what they're talking about).

(I think Ralph Mazza's essay on game design, Shooting the Sacred Cow is also a relevant read, here.)

Anyway, those are just options. What I'm excited about is that other people are as excited about this as I am. Hell, I'm on holiday at the moment. I think I'll spend some time right now thinking through the ramifications of Ron's feedback.

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