Monday, March 26, 2007

Game Chef games I'm keeping an eye on

Game Chef is an annual competition to design a game using a designated number of ingredients. There's one more week before the final drafts have to be submitted. Here are the games I'm most interested in, in the order I read about them. (I'm particularly fascinated by about how Fabled and Book of Threads will work):

Courtroom Clash, by Kaloth


Enter the world of Criminal Justice. As an elite lawyer, you must uncover the truth behind heinous crimes and enforce the law in the Court. Follow the threads of evidence while investigating the crime and use them to win your case against the opposing lawyer in a contest of skill and luck.

But what if the truth is against you?

Last in a Long Line, by Mike Sugarbaker

You are the last of the Rosicrucians, the sole survivor of a shadowy conspiracy's relentless quest to eliminate the sacred thread of your bloodline. If you are to die, you must produce an heir first - which means hitting the speed dating scene. Yet your enemies lurk everywhere, even amongst the ladies seeking mature, successful life partners!

Tabitha's Children, by Roger

You are brought back from the dead to exact revenge upon those who wronged you.

FABLED, by Mathias Jack

"You just woke up remembering nothing. Now you've got to go hunt your memories, which have become physical in a topsy-turvy Wonderland. As you adventure, you discover who you are, and just might find a way home."

Nothing Sacred, by Secret

you take on the role of a god! you got the looks, the powers, the life...but no worshippers. that was over hundreds of years ago. you live on the streets of gotham in the punk, end-of-the-world, goth god scene. immortal life goes on, eh?

but for some it doesn't. one of your peers has been killed, no mean feat considering that gods are immortal! and everyone thinks you did it. be the first one to pin it on another character before it's too late! play a cutthroat game of youdunnit as a god of the Egyptian, Celtic, Norse or Greek pantheons. bid out the scene of the crime, place macguffins, red herrings and incriminating evidence wherever you like. (but it'll cost ya!) it's like a typical roleplaying game with sacred, divine intervention, you actually play around with each other's fate. connect the thread between the murder and the killer avoiding inconsistencies before anyone else does and you win!

GROVER CLEVELAND, by Jason Morningstar

It's 1886, you and your two friends are Secret Service agents charged with protecting the dignity and grandeur of the Presidency. The thing is, Old Grover's a very bad man with some nasty secrets - and his sister Rose, the bachelor President's First Lady, is out to find them all. If she does, you're out of the best job you've ever had. What's the plan, sport

The Book of Threads, by Jeffr

There is a web-site that contains every true thing on Earth. What would you do for edit access?

The Book of Threads is a game of Occult Conspiracy, Modern Fantasy, and Plastic Reality. You play a new initiate to the most secret occult group in the world. Imagine Wikipedia, except that every time somebody changes a page, the world changes around it to make that true. And then imagine the stakes of the edit-wars...

Fade, by Mike Sands

The Palace fleet approaches a new star, something that hasn't happened in hundreds of years, the fragile alliances and agreements between the Palaces are increasingly coming under strain.

Conflicts between Palaces are fought by their elite secret agents, the spooks, trained to destroy and create memories.

In this society without violence, power comes from the ability to change your enemy's mind.

Go Mike!
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