Tuesday, May 24, 2005

[The 48] Sleep Dep

As we hit the library (where we made Gino repeatedly do faceplants for the good of the movie AND tried to work with children), my tiredness started catching me, throwing me to the ground and forcing my brain to shut down for a few seconds at a time.

I began to not push the crew along as efficiently as before (although, to be fair, we were also attempting much more ambitious shots – dollies, day for night and stuntwork).

During all this I had a great micro-argument with Norman – which I believe ended with us hugging and gaining respect for each other. Although I could have hallucinated that.

Then back to Jenni & Lee’s where my inability to think achieved a whole new level. It started with not being able to list the night’s scenes in order of shooting priority and extended to not being able to figure out how to lock their shower door – so I ended up holding the door shut with my foot while stretching one hand to adjust the nozzle and the other hand in a third entirely separate direction to get at the soap. Ah, physical comedy and potential death-traps. Really, there’s no difference.

After a nap and pizza I felt more able to process. We planned out a shotlist for the LARP, loaded gear into Turnbull House and ran through how we’d shoot the scene. The LARP didn’t finish till late so we were forced to drop some scenes till the morning but on the plus side we got 20 or so extras dressed up in amazing costumes.

Several rapid takes later (including one fantastic moment where the fairies sat down to listen to Gino’s story and we saved ourselves an extra setup), we wrapped and I slept. Blessed sleep.


matt said...

Very nice write-up. Am keen to read the rest of it.

Having had a little more sleep than you, I am amazed that you functioned as well as you did. I am increasingly thinking that working the 'writing/post-production' duo would be a winner, with some sleep in between.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not damn happy and honoured to have been able to act in our film :)

matt said...

Ah, I thought I'd written a comment, but it wasn't showing up on the main page (or the page for the post), so I came here to check, and, well, the comment's there. So this message is somewhat... pointless?

I still say it's a great write-up and I still want to read the rest! Huzzah!