Thursday, May 26, 2005

[TV] Some Writing Tips from Joss

"I like to fall in love with my characters," says Joss Whedon in this interview and the commentary track to "A Hole in the World" (Angel, Season 5).

He also talks about his desire to punish characters - what I call 'finding their vulnerabilities'. The theory is that characters who are in control of their lives are boring; you only get to find out what's interesting about them when you destabilise either them, their lives or something they care about.


Pearce said...

I haven't read the article in question or listened to the audio commentary but I find it interesting that "I like to fall in love with my characters" is immediately followed by "I like to punish them."

hix said...

Yeah, I know. For the writer, there really is a weirdly satisfying kick from doing it, too. When we were doing lovebites we had a pretty sexist character called Phil & things got really interesting once I started advocating plots that really made him confront that issue.